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200                 HISTORY OF PERSIA                 CHAP.
they answered unto me, * We are the servants of Amir
Timur, and we wander in search of him ; and lo ! we
find him not.' And I said unto them, * I also am one of
the servants of the Amir. How say ye, if I be your
guide, and conduct you unto him ?' When their eyes
fell upon me, they were overwhelmed with joy ; and they
alighted from their horses, and they came, and they
kneeled and they kissed my stirrup. I also dismounted
and took each of them in my arms. And I put my
turban over the head of Toghluk Khoja ; and my girdle,
which was very rich in jewels, and wrought with gold, I
bound on the loins of Amir Sayf-u-Din ; and I clothed
Tukub Bahadur with my cloak. And they wept, and I
wept also. When the hour of prayer was arrived, we
prayed together."
The Campaigns with Khoja Ilias.—After their opera-
tions in Sistan the two companions in arms proceeded
to Kunduz, and in A.H. 765 (1363) they won a battle
against the forces of Jatah by a demonstration against the
rear of the enemy and by lighting an enormous number
of fires, which struck panic among them. After the fight
Tamerlane regained possession of Kesh, the inhabitants
of the district flocking to his standard in thousands. At
this juncture Tughluk Timur died, and Khoja Ilias, on
his way home to ascend the throne, was attacked by the
two Amirs, who gained a victory after a hard contest
and took Samarcand. But in the following year, A.H. 766
(1365), Khoja Ilias defeated the two allies and besieged
Samarcand, from which, however, he was forced to with-
draw owing to heavy losses among his horses.
The Struggle between Tamerlane and Amir Husayn, A.H.
767-771 (1365-1369).—After the first success over the
Amirs of Jatah the two victors, probably owing to the
intense respect which still existed for the family of
Chengiz Khan, set up a puppet in the person of Kabil
Shah Oghlan, but retained the power in their own hands.
Their friendship, which had been welded in the furnace
of adversity, could not withstand the strain of success,
and open hostilities broke out, in which Tamerlane was
at first unsuccessful His fortunes were restored by a